Eurocucina 2018

Eurocucina 2018


The new products ilve launched at eurocucina 2018 were met with great enthusiasm and excitement especially: the stainless steel kitchen cabinets with natural fishishes, the new panoramagic cooker, the special ultracombi oven with three functions, the 400c pizza oven and last but not the least,the two separate cooking shows featuring the star chef andrea incerti.


Panoramagic was an Ilve kitchen born in the 70s and now revisited -, it keeps its innovative strength and unchanged Italian style that made it unique and distinctive. Today Panoramagic returns to the market by conveying the values that made it a success: a line of machines made to really cook: designed for professionals, but dedicated to the household market. Practical ergonomics, steel and other noble materials worked with craftsmanship and technological innovation are perfectly integrated for a unique cooking experience. Design: EmoDesign


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“Ultracombi”, is the innovative Ilve trivalent oven that combines, in a single appliance, the steam, microwave and hot air functions. With the steam technology and with the aid of an Ilve-made vacuum machine, it is possible to cook “sous vide”, with all the advantages that this technique offers: "gentle" and non-aggressive cooking, the exaltation of flavors, maintaining all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of foods.

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The Ilve Pizza Oven is the only appliance dedicated to the household market able to reach and maintain a temperature of 400°. This performance is achieved thanks to the special shape of the inner muffle that uses deflectors and air conveyors concentrated both above and below the pizza. The constructive components of the machine contribute to this result and allow it to withstand such high temperatures. In less than 2 minutes the pizza is cooked crisp and moisture free. The Pizza oven, however, also performs all the functions of a traditional oven thus expanding its range of use. By removing the deflector we obtain a compact oven that has all the characteristics of a traditional convection oven, but with a "bodywork" that can withstand temperatures of 400° C.


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In addition to household appliances, Ilve produces kitchens entirely built with steel, made according to the techniques of high-end craftsmen. Every kitchen is built ad hoc and semi-processed, components, processing, assembly and testing are conducted by master craftsmen who have worked with steel all their lives. There are several characteristics that make an Ilve kitchen unique: AISI304 steel in all the components, both structural and finishing; all panels and doors have a super-light aluminum honeycomb core, and we offer a traditional kitchen’s "step" modularity for a simplified design. The super light doors, the assembly systems of components and panels are protected by three international patents. On top of all of this we can’t forget the AISI 304 stainless steel, used to make an Ilve kitchen: it is the ideal material for an environment where steam and humidity are abundant as steel is biologically neutral. It is easy to clean, even "vigorously", and it is not susceptible to harsh chemical agents; it is thermal and shock resistant and it is also water vapor and grease steam proof, the sworn enemies of a traditional wooden kitchen.

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